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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 ♥

I was reading my few past entries and I am amazed that i USED to have lots of time writing. HAHA.
Not that I do not have much time now, but I guess the enthusiasm just depleted over time.
(EXCUSES, i know)
Well, guess what? its already the month of August! With a blink of an eye, half of my semester is gone. I just need another 6 more months and soon I will be able to graduate and enter NIE :)

Right now, I am just left with 3 more days in school and followed by holidays.
Don't worry, I'll be back *winks*

/11:19 PM
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 ♥
random feeling

Do you ever get that feeling where you don’t wanna talk to anyone?
Like, you don’t want to smile and you don’t want to pretend being content,
but you don’t know what’s wrong either?

/11:40 PM
Thursday, April 01, 2010 ♥
Earth Hour

On the 27th, I went back to school to help out for the Earth Hour. You know, it was a nice feeling coming back and seeing students whom you recognized and your ST too! But the most happening thing was that my girls were there too! Majority of us wore red and purple! Such a coincedence:)
Damn shiok ok when all of us get together-gether!
Event started at 2pm. Briefed my group leaders and members and off to the allocated block. The students were supposed to knock on the house units and explain to them in greater detail about Earth Hour. As expected, response they got was pathethic. Favourite line of the day for the residents was, ' ya, we know about it' -_-
Everything thing ended about 6pm. We girls had our not so nice dinner and then off to watch the performance. Sungguh happening! Most classic was Sha and me 'stole' 1 box of eclair during the darkness because we were so hungry! Moral is, its better to steal food in the dark so that people wont notice you! :)
Now, pictures for you to indulge in !
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PIC OK! coz behind me there was this hot, goodlooking guy! He is a mixture of caucasian and chinese i guess..
wanna get a better view of him, click on the pic to enlarge! hahah

when its dark, we had our lightsticks on!
after this shot, sha and me went to steal the eclairs! hahah

look at amirah, soo happy! HAHAH

okay, i'm done for now :) I cant wait for tmr! It GOOD FRIDAY people!! And our family is going to have a BBQ over at my cousins place. Thinking about delicious food whipped up by mum and aunts are gonna make me drool! There goes, my morning jog for the past 2 weeks.. I guess this friday shall be an exception! Hee.


/3:18 PM
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 ♥
SIP days

This entry was supposed to be done during the march holidays but my perangai MALAS prevent me from doing so.
I am in a very good mood today, so i shall share my sip photos here with you.
My sip days lasted for 10 weeks and I sure did enjoy myself in the school. Most staff were very friendly ( read, MOST not all). But heck care, we only came there not to make friends anyway them but to do our attachment.
So throughout the 10 weeks, i've got to know my partner's attitude even more! and i bet nurul knows the other side of me too.
We laughed, gossip, confide, throw tantrums, get angry, get crazy and even sulk to one another. HAHA. We humans do have our bad days at times and most importantly, we are perfect :)
So i guess it okay to do these things to one another! haha
On the other hand well of course i do have my own favourite class and students! :)
Okay, so now its sharing time!

what's a home ec teacher if you do not have a pic of cooking!

the boy who have mixed blood : malay + japanese

lazing around time!
as quoted by nurul : " a must picture in the staff toilet! "
nurul's students
my work area!

while waiting for our food to be cooked..

while steaming pancakes, lets pose!
hands on babeh!
with our ST, she's the best!

when boredom strikes us, we camwhore as usual..
the days we want to save money, EAT MAGGIE..hee

our crazy moments, the angel?

betty boopsie?
the days we tapow-ed our food and eat it in staff lounge
when everyone is in the meeting room, we had the staffrm to ourselves!
with my fav boy.. the cutest :)
with the 1T1 class On the last week of school, I promised this particular boy that I would take picture with him. However, soon after the class ended he went off and I never saw him again that week as he went for the school trip to malacca.
It was disheaterning as I couldnt keep a momento picture with him :(
Nevertheless, god answered my prayers when I saw him in school again last saturday at the Earth Hour event :)
He's the one who said he will miss me when I am no longer around in school. Can you believe a sec 2 saying that? I am touched :)
No matter what, I already had a photo taken with him.
He's definitely my no.1 favourite!

Talking about Earth Hour, that shall be my next entry!

stay tuned! :)

/2:26 PM
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 ♥

Through good times and bad times, I am glad we've made it this far.
7 yrs of friendship and still counting
the best that i could ever had :)
karaoke soon girls!

/2:21 PM
Saturday, March 13, 2010 ♥

I can officially say that I am free! Saya happy sangat! EVERYTHING is finally over..
Last night, checked my results and I am glad I've got a PASS for SIP. Well, you either get a pass or a fail. Dang it. They should really really GRADE us man. Oh wells, whats over is over.
Anyways, I am soo free man! No words can describe how happy I am.
So anyone who is free, do beep me and we'll go out okies :)

As for now, I would want to watch online movies till I get bored.
Will post a proper entry SOON :)

/1:58 PM
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